At CLC we have a passion for every generation and as such CLC provide age specific ministry for children of all ages. We would love to serve you and your family by partnering with you as parents as we invest spiritually into the lives of your children. We offer a full service with worship and relevant teaching and small group discussion time for Grades 1 through Grade 4. We also provide interactive and fun activities with relevant teaching for babies through to Grade R.
At CLC we have a passion for every generation and as such we have created a special experience for Grade 5 through Grade 7 ages. With powerful biblical teaching that is relevant to the issues that your preteen is facing. We also have small group discussion and loads of fun activities. We encourage every parent to bring your child through to G2 whenever you come to church. They'll love it.
Several times a year Ps Gini takes time to speak into the lives of the ladies at CLC. These are really uplifting, relevant and relational moments which include a light a breakfast. The topics covered are aimed at issues women face. These are powerful, positive moments where friendships are made and practical real life solutions are given. Girl Talk gatherings include a QnA and table talks aimed at discussing the themes covered in the course of the morning.
This a special event held once or twice a year and include guest speakers, inspiriational musical items and powerful ministry moments are made available for all women at CLC an in our city. These Glorious moments are something every women would enjoy and look forward to in the course of the year.
Is an empowering and equipping business moment for all business professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and those wishing to advance their careers. Special guest speakers, who are marketplace professionals are invited to share their expertise and knowledge as well as invest tools and insights into the lives of CLC business people. These moments are high impact and are designed to advance individuals in their marketplace endeavors with an aim and commitment to advance the vision of CLC by equipping, empowering and enabling gifted givers and Kingdom financiers.
At CLC we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and as such we have adopted various causes. If you are interested in partnering with us in helping these causes financially or volunteering in some way, please feel free to check out our causes at the welcome centre.

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