Volunteer with City Life Church

We encourage everyone who calls CLC their home to be involved as a regular volunteer. To find out more about the various areas where you can be part of a volunteer team please take time to fill out the inquiry form.

They will basically be at the gates welcoming and cheering people as they drive in
These guys are mainly there for security, to make sure cars are parked properly and to assist and direct new visitors
This is the information Centre and people can also buy CDs and books from here
They hold up signs that have great words on them and they greet and welcome people as they come into church
Assisting with all cafe requirements
They are the driving force of what happens in the service, communion, handing out clipboards and flyers etc
Volunteer worship teams are vital to providing a smooth-running and enjoyable worship service
Their duty is to have a chat with all new visitors, find out more about them and make them feel welcome
Assist with all areas of lighting and sound
Assisting in all areas of kids - Grade 4
Assisting in all areas of kids Grade 5-7
Assisting in all areas of the Youth culture Grade 8-12

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